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If you want to simplify the process of laying asphalt, then you should consider a supplier of cold mix asphalt in Tampa FL. As asphalt experts, our mission is to deliver the best services for our customers. This mission includes developing and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, procedures, and techniques for our clients.

Cold mix asphalt is a great resource because it requires no expensive equipment, no mixing, and no extensive drying time. It works perfectly in ALL weather conditions and is 100% DOT approved. If you’re trying to pave your driveway or a privately or commercially owned parking lot, cold mix asphalt is worth looking into. Our goal is to provide easy access to cold mix asphalt in Tampa FL and it’s neighboring towns so that you have plenty of options for your next job and/or project.

Our cold mix is made in-house with recyclable materials. In our process, we blend fine rocks and materials along with a polymer additive to create the best mixture possible. The result is a fast drying asphalt ideal for any repairs or relaying that your home or property may need.

The best part is that our cold mix asphalt can be stored for up to a year should you need it for long-term repair use. This is ideal for contractors or property managers who conduct numerous repairs on driveways, patios, and roadways.

If you’re looking for a cold mix asphalt in Tampa FL, then consider using our services at Asphaltbabe. We’re committed to providing only the best materials for your customers, so you can choose our cold mix asphalt with confidence. For a permanent material that will last and is fast-acting as soon as it makes contact with your concrete, consider cold mix asphalt.

Contact our asphalt sales team in Tampa, Florida today to order your batch of cold mix asphalt and see why we are making a name four ourselves as the leading asphalt manufacturer in Tampa, FL and it’s surrounding areas.