Hot mix, Warm mix, and Cold Mix sold at all 4 locations. Backed by our certified technicians in our Quality Control Lab. Flexible scheduling to meet your demand. Use the form below to reach our sales team or email sales @

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If you’re in the market for high-quality asphalt, we want to be the asphalt plant in Tampa to help! We’re dedicated to making sure your asphalt sales needs in Tampa and the surrounding region are well-taken care. Repairing your roadways, driveways, parking lots, or city streets is made easy with the proper balance of our asphalt materials. At our Tampa asphalt plant and operations facility, we mix the best quality materials into each batch of our asphalt. This guarantees that when you lay down it down on your driveway or make repairs to your parking lot, the result is durable and professional.

We use the best mixture of rocks (also known as aggregate), and liquid asphalt to create our product. We are local and make it our mission to create the finest aggregate and deliver when it comes to top-notch blacktop sales in Tampa, FL. Whether you are looking for hot mix asphalt, warm mix asphalt, or cold mix asphalt, ASPHALTBABE has you covered.

Our conveniently located Tampa asphalt plant also creates products that are 100% recyclable. Not only do our products conserve precious resources, but it also speeds up and enhances the construction process as a whole. On average, asphalt construction saves American taxpayers upwards of $2.6 billion every single year. We’re proud our asphalt plant in Tampa can be a part of this conversation of wealth and resources.

When you choose our asphalt plant in or around Tampa, you’re choosing a material that is approved of by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our environmentally friendly materials and state of the art plant is the perfect place to find asphalt to repair your driveway, parking lot, street or roadway.